Brogan Law Group is a family-oriented law firm providing services to New Jersey clients in several areas of elder law, asset protection, special needs law and trust services.

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Bloodline Trust Planning

Bloodline trusts are designed to protect the legacy you pass to your children and grandchildren from the threats of divorce, bankruptcy, and the unexpected.

You worked so hard to save up what you’ve got. Long term, keep it in the family.

Medicaid Planning

Did you know the costs of nursing home care in NJ can exceed $12,000 per month? With proper planning, it is possible to protect some, if not all, assets and still meet the criteria for Medicaid eligibility.

The best way to plan is to take action years before there is a crisis. Time is the key to preserving more of your legacy.

Asset Protection

For business owners & professionals, asset protection is thoughtfully designing protections around the risks inherent in running a successful business & accumulating wealth. Predators abound.

Other folks may need to protect against devastating long-term care costs. It is best to start early to plan for your elder years, to help your own aging parents, or to provide for a family member with special needs. Be proactive.

Special Needs Planning

With proper planning, you can provide your loved one with a safe place to live, select someone to oversee a nest egg for their benefit, and build a long-term structure to enhance their lives, without making them ineligible for public assistance.

Without planning, they may lose crucial benefits, be cut off from essential support services, & potentially be subject to exploitation.

Tax Planning

Structuring your trust & estate plan to achieve your core goals is the essence of sound legal planning.

Working in unison, the attorney, financial planner, & CPA can coordinate together to ensure that you get the most out of your hard-earned savings, while incurring the least amount of taxes.

Rules are constantly changing, so get timely expert advice.

Estate Planning

You’ve been appointed as an executor or trustee, so now what? We work with both executors and trustees to navigate the estate and trust administration processes.

In certain circumstances our attorneys can serve as professional fiduciaries, applying their years of experience and knowledge to help preserve family legacies.


New Jersey law provides for a guardianship when someone cannot manage finances or personal affairs.

When someone cannot sign a Power of Attorney or has an inadequate Power of Attorney in place, a guardianship may be necessary.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Estate planning documents are not just for elderly people.  Everyone 18 & up should have a Will, Living Will, a Power of Attorney & a Medical Authorization (for HIPPA purposes). Many should also have a trust, if appropriate.

It is not uncommon for busy successful professionals to have spent so much time helping others build their legacies, that they have neglected planning for themselves. Have you?

Estate & Trust Administration

Estate Planning and Trusts are tools used to comprehensively implement the goals & objectives you have for your loved ones.

There are numerous ways to properly structure a plan.

Sadly, if you fail to plan in the first place, there’s almost an equal amount of ways that goals can be frustrated.

The only things certain in life are death, taxes, & change.

Plan Accordingly.

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